A wrought iron fence combines beauty and utility in a very classy way.  It’s versatile good looks can run the gamut from upscale elegant to over-the-top ornate.  Wrought iron fencing can also provide many practical advantages.


  • Wrought iron is mixed with a fibrous material called slag so it has a much greater rust-resistant quality than pure iron.


  • It is true that wrought iron can rust eventually, however, a simple paint job every 3-4 years (or a more elaborate one each decade) will keep it looking great.


  • Wrought iron fence is extremely long wearing and strong. It’s known as “100-year fence” because of its durability.  It’s also resistant to shock, denting and bending.


  • Pet safety can be a concern here in Las Vegas with our coyote population. Wrought iron fence can safeguard children and pets in your yard (although you will need to choose a style that ensures children can’t jump over and pets can’t slip through).  They can also be used as a safety fencing around your swimming pool.  Finally, the tallest wrought iron fences are excellent at keeping out intruders.


  • Repairs to wrought iron fence can be accomplished without having to remove the entire fence.


  • Wrought iron can be shaped into a wide variety of artistic designs to match your personal design style. This type of fence is more than a boundary marker – it’s a design feature.


  • A wide range of styles to complement any home décor can be accommodated with wrought iron fencing whether traditional or modern, formal or casual.


  • You can see through your wrought iron fence. Some may think this is a disadvantage, but if you appreciate a bit of privacy without walling yourself in, you may well appreciate the see-through effect.  You won’t be blocking out light or a gorgeous nearby view.  When you’re ready to sell your home, the wrought iron will actually add to your home’s curb appeal and property value.


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